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Parties and events in Albufeira
Parties and events in Albufeira

The stage of Turial Park is Fisherman's Beach, and the only thing that takes care of this marvel, is just the stage that gives rise to the numerous parties that take place throughout the summer.
The tourist apartments Turial Park are the privileged place to attend all the events that take place in Albufeira and, moreover, are located in a central part of downtown, full of nightlife. Those who stay here have pedestrian access, which is not only good for not missing a minute of everything that happens here, but also, due to the lack of traffic or very limited circulation of the same, allow you to circulate safely to the Place where your holiday apartment is located.If you prefer, you can ask, at the time of your reservation, the option with balcony and sea view; And thus guarantees its privileged location "on the bench" of all these events and events. On the 20th, City Day was celebrated with ceremonies and a great musical concert with fado singer Ana Moura and filled the grounds, in front of Turial Park, just to hear it.
The month of September will begin with another typical party of the region, which are the 20th Fisherman's Parties. There are three days of good Portuguese music, typical gastronomy with various snacks. You will not want to miss it. It's one of the many parties that take place all summer long in Albufeira. If you choose to spend a few days in one of our apartments, please know that you only have to leave the building door to access all these events, without having to worry about moving, parking, and other obstacles for those who want to go out and have fun.
Also, anyone staying in Turial Park has the privilege of falling asleep and waking up to the smell of the sea air and watching the sunset happen. It is close to all kinds of commerce and restaurants and has quick access to the adjacent cities, for those who come with more time and want to know more of the Algarve.
For golf lovers, you can always choose to go to the nearest golf course, the Salgados Golf Course which is approximately 3km by car from the Turial Park apartments. The reception staff will be able to provide you with more precise and detailed information if you wish.
Activities and marine sports there are of all genders and for all bags. In addition to the magnificent Mediterranean beach, which is in front of the apartments - the beach of Pescadores - and the indoor swimming pool that is totally free for guests, there are a number of water parks that you will like to visit during your stay in the Algarve, as well as other activities Organized by local companies and city council.

Book an apartment in Turial Park in Albufeira for a few days and come and enjoy all this fun in Albufeira, where summer is happening.