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How to spend your holidays in a Turial Park apartment
Spending a holiday in Albufeira, by the sea, in a traditional and central area, is the same as saying that you will stay in the tourist apartments Turial Park.

The Turial Park is an enterprise consisting of four blocks of apartments of the types T0, T1 and T2, with doors opened for more than 4 decades, which is right in the fishermen's square, in front of the fishermen's beach.

Still in recovery of the great flood that devastated Albufeira three years ago; Turial Park made sure to keep the indoor pools (children and adults) open at no additional cost to the customer.
The Health Club is still in the process of being rebuilt and we believe we will open up better and better.
Many of the apartments have been refurbished and redecorated and the changes are already visible and have come astonishing and please all our guests.
The fact that it is an apartment development allows the client to manage their holidays, with their family and / or friends, at a more controlled cost and in a healthy and relaxed environment; And you can still enjoy all the advantages of staying in one of the most fun places to have fun and events for your summer holidays in Portugal: Albufeira. It also has the advantage of being able to park your car from the first day in a garage nearby (or even in the business, if there is availability) and only pick it up again to return home, without being deprived of absolutely Nothing during your stay.
The apartments allow the occupancy of one, to a maximum of 5 people, all of which are spacious and are equipped with crockery, towels and linens for the beds, according to this occupation. All the apartments have a telephone through which they can contact with the reception 24h / day, which is available to the client for any situation that may be useful, whether related to maintenance or cleaning or other matters. We insist that our client always know that he can count on the staff of the enterprise for his well-being. If you come in a group and are divided into several apartments you can use the telephone to contact one another
The rooms are spacious and have plenty of storage as well as the other rooms of the apartments. Most of the bathrooms have a bathtub or shower, making it comfortable for both adults and children.
The rooms have the option of a private safe, so you should express your interest in your rental, so that you have access to the use of it.
The garage rental is also subject to availability at Check-in time, and is not subject to advance reservation; do to a few places are available. However, there are other garages in the surrounding areas that allow the parking of passers-by. Apart from that you can always choose to leave your vehicle on the streets in the immediate vicinity of Turial Park.
At your arrival you will find a friendly and helpful staff, which will do everything to make your stay a wonderful one.