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Events in Albufeira
Events in Albufeira


Albufeira is a city of natural charms that never tires.


In summer, in particular, there are events that mark certain days of the city and the apartments Turial Park can always accompany them closely and participate in them, if you wish, from the windows of your apartment.

As a fixed feast, for example, the procession in Our Lady of the Orada, which is the culmination of a week of celebrations, with mass and scenic representations that are intended to thank and ask for protection of the virgin, known for blessing fishermen.
The procession is a particularly high moment of the culmination of a week of celebration, because it is the moment when the fishermen carry the image of the Virgin in their boats, dressed in rigor, from the Hermitage to the Port of Shelter.
Another festival that marks the city is the Al-Buhera Festival that takes place at the end of July each year. Five days are dedicated entirely to the crafts, gastronomy, always accompanied by a lot of music, especially with a poster of the best national singers. The party takes place in the square of the fishermen's beach, in front of the Turial Park development, from where you can have a privileged view and access, thanks to its strategic location.
Finally, and no less iconic, there is the Fisherman's Party, which takes place on the first weekend of September. In this party, the spirit is celebrated here in Albufeira, once a fishing village, with all kinds of seafood and seafood snacks, as well as regional sweets such as carob, fig or almond cakes or the Delicious regional sweets: Dom Rodrigo.
In addition to all these events there are still programs made especially by local authorities to promote and give even more joy and life to the city. We will go here on the site announcing each one so that you can follow them closely.
Albufeira is a city that does not stop ... come and see with your eyes.