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Getting to know Turial Park
Getting to know Turial Park


Turial Park is an apartment complex, which is open annually from the beginning of April until the end of October and is available from studios (T0) to T1 and T2, depending on the number of people who wish to spend a few days in Albufeira, in an apartment very close to the beach.


It offers various types of accommodation, some more reserved apartments, with no view to the beach, but they give you some privacy, because they are sheltered, since their windows and balconies converge to a less crowded space.
You have the option of other apartments overlooking the beach, and you can still choose to have a balcony or not. The balconies are large and are all furnished with a table and chairs. They are ideal for sunbathing or, once you have all the conditions to cook and dine in the apartment, you can always take advantage of them to relax on the balcony.

All apartments are equipped with a fridge, stove with oven (usually in the T0) or ceramic hob (in T1 and T2), microwave, magic wand, dishes and cutlery, so that at any time can choose to make the Your meals in the relaxation and comfort of the apartment.
The living and dining rooms are comfortable and are currently equipped with new televisions and a wide range of cable and satellite channels available to guests for their convenience.
Many of the apartments have undergone a remodeling in the decoration, opting for a more discreet and elegant line; But many others retain the cheerful decor and stronger tones that the customer is already accustomed to.
At the street level, at the base of the building, you can find several restaurants and various shops. Throughout the adjacent streets leading to the historic city center you will find all kinds of restaurants, bars, shops and local craft shops and trendy shops of the highest elegance.

In general, the Turial Park apartments have everything available to their guests so that they can spend a relaxing and relaxing time in an endeavor with a tireless Staff to do what they can to guarantee their well-being and satisfaction.